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Find out the best way to get your credit card from Lojas Americanas …

“To better manage our finances, Lojas Americanas credit card is a completely essential item these days. The use of the card can simplify the life of people, therefore, offers several discounts and options installments, among other facilities when paying an account. “

But what if the card is from a well-known store? It would look even better, would not it !? So, how about making an American credit card ? Know that by using any card with care and intelligence, it can be a great ally to carry out your purchases and pay expenses in general.

The credit card is a product linked to Lojas Americanas , it’s good to know that this is one of the largest and most traditional retail chains in the country. With 87 years of operation in the market, the company has more than 1,300 stores spread throughout the national territory. Also read about the Casas Bahia credit card.

The American Credit Card has national coverage, is issued in partnership with Banco Cetelem , has the VISA flag and can be used for purchases on the American stores network as well as in any other establishment in Brazil.

If you enjoy taking advantage of the benefits that a credit card can offer, this article will be very interesting. Afina, Lojas Americanas offer very attractive options. Continue your reading and understand more!


How to get a credit card from Lojas Americanas?

  • What is the limit of the American Card?
  • How much will the card’s annuity be charged?
  • What are the benefits and advantages of the American Card?

How to get a credit card from Lojas Americanas?

How to get a credit card from Lojas Americanas?

To apply for your card is very easy. Just enter the site of Lojas Americanas and register user. Also, if you already have a registration in the company, simply access the customer area and log in to your account.


After completing this step, you must request a card by filling out the specific form for this purpose and you should wait for a credit analysis – it may take a few days to receive the response via email.

If your application is approved, some documents for completing the process of issuing the credit card.

It is worth mentioning that the sending must be done by e-mail and within a maximum period of up to 3 business days. Are they:

  • Personal identification document (CPF or RG)
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income

Then you will receive your card through the Post Office and to start using it just unlock it. As the card is issued by Banco Cetelem , the forms of unlocking as well as all protection mechanisms are determined by him.


What is the limit of the American Card?


What is the limit of the American Card?

The American Credit Card limit is defined individually for each request and is based on the applicant’s credit history, in order to reconcile the customer’s needs and ability to pay. However, if you consider an insufficient threshold, you may request an increase in the amount made available.


How much will the card’s annuity be charged?


The cardholder’s annuity is charged in 12 installments of R $ 13.08. The additional card is free. However, the Americanas credit card offers a points and rewards program called “More Smiles,” where the customer is rewarded when making purchases on their card.

What are the benefits and advantages of the American Card?


What are the benefits and advantages of the American Card?


The advantage of this program of points is that it is free and automatic. American Card customers participate in the “More Smiles” Program since their first purchase.

In addition, the expenses incurred by the additional cards are also converted into smiles for the credit card holder of Lojas Americanas.

Lojas Americanas credit card customers have higher discounts on products sold through the physical stores and on the site, and you can still increase your card limit for purchases made on the site by up to 2x.

The American Credit Card holder can request up to three (3) additional cards at no cost. However, you need to be aware of the following rules: the add-ons need to be over 16 years old and the extra credit card expenses are consolidated into the incumbent’s invoice.

Once you know the benefits and how to make your American credit card , we hope that you evaluate if this product is a good solution for your needs. Contact us and check out all our solutions!

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