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How to find the best prepaid card according to usage mode, mode with the most satisfactory conditions and advantages in Brazil? Find out by reading the article …

“Prepaid cards are another way to get money in the wallet. You get it, you get the plastic at home, you carry prepaid cards with cash and you go shopping for the first time. “

Just as any card is accepted in thousands of retail stores, online stores and manages to withdraw some of the money in an ATM as needed.

Prepaid cards, in turn, also carry the brands like MasterCard or Visa, and are accepted in the same form and practicality of credit and debit cards in shops, bars and restaurants and wherever these international card networks are accepted, both in Brazil and abroad.

But the vast majority do not have any facility to release cash loot as personal loan, so you can not get into debt with them. Instead, when you spend the money loaded on them and it ends, you have to charge them again like you would a mobile phone.

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So how do you choose the best prepaid card?


What is the best prepaid card?

  • TravelMoney Prepaid Cards
  • Prepaid recharge credit cards
  • Costs and expenses of the best prepaid cards

What is the best prepaid card?

What is the best prepaid card?


To find out which best prepaid card is best for you, you need to think about how you intend to use it.

  1. Is it just to shop online?
  2. Do you want one not to spend a lot of money on shopping?
  3. Do you like them because you think they are safer than carrying cash?
  4. Do you want to give someone else to your teenager so he does not lose the money or spend too much?

After considering how you will use your prepaid credit card, you need to compare the dozens of different cards offered in the market. Worth mentioning that there are already some prepaid cards that offer refunds on your expenses, while others do not charge a fee to issue the card and so on.

There are three major differences with prepaid cards : the currency you carry on the card, how you increase, and the fees you charge.

TravelMoney Prepaid Cards

TravelMoney Prepaid Cards

For daily expenses, mainly in Brazil, you need to get one that you can charge with reais, but in other cases, you need a prepaid card that carries other types of foreign currencies.

As a travelmoney prepaid card you can also use it abroad, as if you were using a debit or credit card. In some ways, the prepaid card company will convert your local currency expenses back into reais using one of the global card systems – MasterCard or Visa.

Prepaid cards that can be used abroad are generally called “traveler”, “global” or “anywhere” travel cards. The exchange rate you will receive and the fees charged for this service vary from one bank or provider to another.

The prepaid card company will convert your local currency expenses back into pounds using one of the global card systems – MasterCard or Visa.

The advantage of having the best prepaid travel card is that you update the exchange rate the moment you load the currency on your card so that you can calculate exactly how much your purchases are costing.

There are several brands of cards show that their exchange rates are better than those of banks and bureaux de change, but it is convenient to compare to see if this is true or marketing.


These types of cards are also safer than walking with money , they have a chip and a PIN, so they should not be used by anyone if the card is lost, lost or stolen.

And when you contact your prepaid card provider or administrator, you can block it so there is no risk of running out of your money.

If security is your primary concern, look for companies that are quick in replacing your card – in the booking card will come with the funds not included in it – or in some cases, the issuer send you emergency money to help you up that you come home.

Prepaid recharge credit cards

Prepaid recharge credit cards

There is a wide variety of ways to recharge prepaid cards with more money . You can do this directly in the stores, by transfer and payment with ticket.

There are many alternatives, including making by phone, Internet application, SMS text or using your bank account of your debit card or credit limit to transfer funds.

Not all the best prepaid cards have all these methods available to recharge money in them, it is especially important to check how your ” travel card ” or ” travel money card ” can be recharged.

Using the internet or application to make a transfer from your bank account to the card will probably be the cheapest, fastest and easiest medium.

It is worth mentioning that there is often a minimum amount that you need to carry on the card when you first receive it. Usually it is not a huge amount to be loaded with real dollars or euros, but prepaid cards can have fairly high minimums.

As for the new laws brought in two years ago, any unused money on your prepaid card should be paid back to you when you ask for the refund even though the company and card issuer may charge a fee to make such a transaction.


Costs and expenses of the best prepaid cards


Costs and expenses of the best prepaid cards

There are several fees associated with prepaid cards for:

  • First card request
  • Monthly card maintenance charges
  • Cash withdrawal charges ATMs and bank 24 hours
  • Extra costs in the conversion to foreign currency.

It is important to think how you want to use your prepaid card so it does not become too expensive an option.

For example, if you plan to use your prepaid card primarily to withdraw money from the ATM , you must check the fees charged for using an ATM or ATM.

Most of them not all, surprisingly some of the travel cards, like they allow you to make free withdrawals abroad.

Others have a flat rate that varies according to the card issuer, but can charge from $ 2.99 to $ 9.90 each time you use an ATM, making several small withdrawals this game will face.

While many cards are offered for free when you request them and receive them, others charge supposed shipping or issuance fees. Always be aware of whether there will be other types of charges hidden and built into operations.

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