Loan Repurchase – Debt Consolidation

“Do not wait, solve your financial situation!”


Different terms for a single action:

  • Substitute one or more credit, already existing, by a single credit “You alleviate your charges”
  • Opting for a purchase of credits: you lower your monthly payments considerably and give your budget some oxygen

It is possible to renegotiate all credits: real estate credit, consumer credit, personal credit, etc.


The mortgage

Group all of your outstanding credits (real estate loans, consumption, etc.) into a single mortgage at the rate and over the life of a home loan. The repayment period can be up to 30 years *


The consumption loan

The consumption loan

Consolidate all your personal loans (car, work, defaults, etc.) and all your reserves in a single loan, for a period ranging from * 7 to 20 years at a very interesting rate depending on your situation (tenant or owner) .


The purchase of credit for whom?

The purchase of credit is aimed at all socio-professional categories: traders, liberal professions, craftsmen, employees and retirees …Owner as tenant you can benefit from a grouping of your credits . 

A banking ban will be a reason for refusal, in any case, as well as a registration for the FICP for non-owners.If you have already benefited from a loan refinancing , a second application is possible. 

However, your first credit restructuring must not have been subject to payment incidents. Between these two requests, a minimum period of one year must elapse.

The repurchase transaction is similar to a credit agreement. The bank or banking institution consulted will study three parameters: the guarantee, the risk and the profit margin that it releases.*

This financing balances your budget but in no case increases your purchasing power.

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