Heavens Sonohara

Heavens Sonohara has partnered with Sanrio to bring you “Hello Kitty at the Ski Resort”. This popular attraction can be enjoyed by all Hello Kitty enthusiasts from children to adults. Heavens Sonohara Ski Resort is limited only to skiers so guests can enjoy their skiing experience to the fullest. 

Why Heavens Sonohara 

Heavens Sonohara Main Features 

  1. Meet Hello Kitty and find exclusive Hello Kitty goods at the gift shop. 
  1. Relax and have fun at this skiing-only resort. 
  1. Separate children/beginner and intermediate/advanced courses. 
  1. Hirugami Hot Springs just 10 minutes away by car. 
  1. Located only 1.5 hours from Nagoya. 
  1. Numerous Hello Kitty events, including skiing down the slopes with Kitty. 
  1. For the 2010-2011 season, children’s rates apply for 6 to 16 year-olds. (Children up to 5 years old are free) 
  1. Following the Italian Ski method, our ski school provides lessons to skiers of all ages and levels.